Real Estate Photography

I began working in the Real Estate market because I feel there is an important need for high-quality pictures as marketing tools for Realtors, Property Management companies, and individual property owners.

Follow these tips to prepare your your home for the best Real Estate pictures possible First Impression Counts

General: For all areas in the home
-Clean whole house - vacuum, mop, clean countertops, dust, clean windows, clean tubs, sinks, and shower
-Replace all burned out lightbulbs, turn overhead lights and lamps on, straighten lamp shades, turn ceiling fans off
-Open blinds/curtains to let in outside light -Hide all exposed power cords/wiring
-Turn all televisions and computer screens off -Remove all garbage cans

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My Camera Bag: Canon Professional Cameras, Misc. lenses including wide angle, Canon flashes, Custom Brackets, tripod